Monday Night How it Works AFG – 24th Anniversary Celebration

10/25/2021 @ 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
in person as well as Online ( Hybrid)

Monday Night How it Works will mark its 24th anniversary on Monday, Oct. 25 at 7:30pm with a hybrid (in-person and zoom) meeting. All are welcome to attend.

 Our meeting chair is McKenna P. (Thanks McKenna!)
Our Al-Anon speaker is Bobby S.
Our Alateen speaker is Anna.
Our AA speaker is Alice W.
The in-person meeting will take place at Hudson Memorial Church, downstairs in Westminster Hall; please volunteer to help set up/take down chairs. We are still seeking tech support for Zooming this meeting.
During our meeting we will have a God box auction. Sales will support youth participation in the Southern Alateen conference (SAC), a picnic coming up Nov. 13 in a location TBD near Greensboro (contact if you have teen who would like to attend).
YOUR BOXES ARE NEEDED! Small, tabletop size or larger; cardboard or other material (wood, or anything that can be painted, decorated or otherwise adorned by our teens.) Please bring your plain boxes to Monday Night How it Works, or let us know how we can arrange to pick them up.
We are looking forward to this special event! Thanks for your support.
In service,
David P.
Group Rep
Monday Night How it Works